Unfold! Roll Your Ball

Unfold! is an endless runner type of game with a bit of a twist. Your character is a ball that will roll on a surface. The twist here is that the surface will fold to different areas and you have to tap on the screen to the right direction to make your ball roll to the direction to where the surface is. If you fail to do so then the ball falls ending the run. Make sure you tap and make your ball roll and get farther than the last time and to help you do that you need our Unfold! hack, cheats, tips and guide.

The ball will be rolling down faster later on so you need to pay attention as to where the surface will unfold. The surface could only unfold to the left, right or down but never up so you only have three directions to look out for. There could also be times when the game is seemingly trolling you going for folds to the right then folding to the bottom. Just be quick and attentive so that those folding surfaces won’t get the better of you.

Miss those items? Don’t worry

There are those items that you can collect on the surface. These are like yellow diamonds that you can use when collected enough of them. If you miss them don’t worry as you can get more the next time you make another run. Then again if you go to a path where the surface folds downwards then you can pretty much miss those diamonds. They don’t affect the game in terms of altering the path so there is no need to worry about them.

Collect and unlock more of those balls

When you collect enough of those yellow diamonds you can unlock more balls. These are just aesthetics for your ball and don’t have some kind of a boost. They usually just have a color change of sorts to make you roll another type of ball. The interesting thing is that if you fuse three balls of different colors, you can unlock a multicolored ball in the process but again no stats or changes are taken from these.

Make your own folding levels

You can make and share your own levels. It is a fun way to interact and be a part of the community. You do get some nice things from it and you can make more than one level. Just make fun levels for people to enjoy or levels to just troll them as such. This also means that you can play other players’ levels when you get bored of playing the usual game.

Try and try again

Like endless runners, just play the game over and over again to get farther than your last run. It serves as a challenge as well as a way to get better of the game. You usually just start doing double digits, then hitting hundreds then maybe even later about a thousand.

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